TAB/301019 SULZER PROJECTILE LOOMS P7200 S330 N6 SP K3, DOBBY, YOC 1999+2001


2 x Sulzer Projectile Looms with K3 Projectile.
Type: P7200 S330 N6 SP K
Working width 330cm, 6 Colours.
Staubli Electr. Dobby type 2665/20 shafts installed
Year of make: 1999 and 2001

Accessories per Loom :
6 Heald frames
4 Weft Feeders with control box
1,5 Warp beams
1,5 Cloth Rolls
1 Weft feeder stand

Total Price: 25.000 Euro CNF net

Delivery: immediate