TIN/35-24520 DORNIER PTS 6/S, NOM. WIDTH 320 CM, YR 2007, DOBBY 2670/2


1 pc Dornier Rapier Loom, type PTS 6/S nominal width 320cm,

Yoc 2007, with Staubli electronic Dobby type 2670/2

16 undermotions installed, 16 heddle frames, make Grob ALforfix,

4 weft feeders type IRO Luna X2, feeder stand, Dic-O-Leno L+R,

Electronic warp let off, electronic fabric winding,

with upperbeam device, Ø1000mm Warp beam,

ø1250mm Upperbeam, 8 Warp beams in total (4+4),

Incl. Grob Big Roll Batcher, type Superior,

width: 330 cm, Yoc: 12-2007

PRICE: EUR66,500 loaded on truck